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Ayurveda ( 2 )

Ceramic Nasal Neti Pot

The Nasal Neti pot is a vessel designed to flush and rinse the sinuses and nasal passages from debris and mucus. By thinning the mucus, the neti pot makes it easier for a person to breathe. This natural remedy can be used to help with a variety of symptoms of nasal congestion including colds/flu, allergies, snoring and dryness. Dimensions: 17*4.5*7.5...

Copper Tongue Scraper Cleaner

Scraping the tongue is an Ancient Ayurvedic recommendation for oral health and the overall health of the body, mind and spirit. Made from pure copper, which is highly valued in the tradition of Ayurveda because of its special properties, our Myga copper tongue scraper is particularly stable with a weight of about 35g and has a comfortable length of about...