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    Cork Collection ( 5 )

    Cork Yoga Block

    Yoga Accessories
    Find your balance with our Cork Yoga block. The block is a fantastic way to explore new poses and enjoy comfort in your practice. Ideal for both beginners and advances yogis, this block is created with firm, durable and renewable cork, therefore being an investment into an eco-conscious product which offers superior traction, meaning you don’t have to worry about...

    Cork Yoga Wheel

    Yoga Accessories
    Release tension and stretch by taking your practice to the next level with this must have prop in your modern yoga practice. Designed to release muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors. The yoga wheel assists you in backbends and inversions and it will also massage the entire length of your spine in a safe but...

    Cork Notebook

    Yoga Accessories
    Reflect and create with the Myga Cork Notebook. The A5 notebook with 96 double sided lined pages, cork hard cover complete with an elastic strap closure ensures that the pages are always wrinkle free. The Myga journal doesn’t only look pretty but it can be a great tool to write down your feelings after yoga or meditation session, as well...

    Cork/Rubber Yoga Mat

    Yoga Mats
    The natural, eco-conscious Cork Rubber Yoga Mat with a beautiful surface made from the bark of the cork tree is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to the mainstream yoga mat. While in Ancient Greece, cork was the symbol of freedom and honour, nowadays cork is becoming increasingly popular due to its amazing anti-bacterial and light properties. This mat not only feels...

    Cork Yoga Carry Bag

    Yoga Accessories
    Natural, beautiful and 100% eco-friendly cork mat bag, built in pocket for your valuables. Zip opening and lined. Get the whole eco-friendly cork collection; from a cork block, to a notebook, and cork yoga mat.