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Iron Kettlebell - 10kg

£49.99 GBP
Product Story

Strengthen your whole body and improve endurance and body awareness by adding Myga iron kettlebells.

Coated in non-slip PVC to protect your floors from damage, they are great for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Each one is a solid weighted ball with a handle and comes with 3 weight options.

The printed weight number as well as the colour code identifies the kettlebell quickly.

Available in different weights:
4kg, 8kg


Flattened base for a secure stand
Extremely resistant and unbreakable
Ergonomically designed
Ideal for home and professional gym use
Solid cast iron core
Embossed kilograms and attractive logo


Material: Premium quality cast iron, coated in non-slip protective PVC

Colour: black and purple

Care Instructions

Clean with a cloth dipped in a very light solution of dish soap and water. Dry with a dry cloth.