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Massage ( 3 )

Cork Massage Peanut

The Myga Cork Peanut can be used across and long ways on most parts of the body. Perfect for self-massage, the cork peanut reaches areas you can’t reach with your hands such as the back. The middle groove of the peanut avoids the spine to ensure that only muscles are massaged. Made of cork, this eco-friendly alternative to plastic is...

Cork Massage Roller

Yoga Accessories
The Myga Cork Roller is a perfect self-massage tool for larger muscle groups such as the back and the legs. Covering more surface area for fast relief of aches and pains the Myga Cork Roller is less intense than the Cork Balls and Cork Peanut in our range. Due to its lower profile and firmness, our cork roller  can be...

Cork Massage Ball

Yoga Accessories
The Myga Cork fascia balls are a powerful self-healing tool. Perfect for enhancing joint movement and calming your nervous system. Our cork balls can help to prevent injury as well as stimulate blood circulation when there is tension in your muscles. Thanks to their small surface, the massage pressure penetrates deep into the tissue and loosens even the most stubborn...