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Alignment Mats

Alignment Mats

With the launch of our Alignment Mats in six eye-catching colours, Myga brings you an unmissable and unrepeatable offer with 63% off the RRP of these mats. This limited offer is not to be missed. Read on to receive this exclusive offer and become a proud owner of a Myga Alignment Mat at this super low price.

Yoga is just like any other exercise, be it cycling or swimming. Having good alignment keeps your joints in their proper positions. This produces optimal muscle performance which translates to power. This helps prevent your spine, joints, and muscles from getting into awkward angles and positions.

The Myga Alignment Mat has a cushioned TPE upper with rubber backing providing ultra grip and protects against hard floors. The mat features the design of a natural lotus flower as a reminder to keep balanced and stable during your yoga practice.

The middle alignment line on a yoga mat helps you to centre and balance your body whilst establishing the necessary symmetry to align the various parts of your form..

The Myga Alignment Mat is engineered to give the yogi a little more space on and off the mat due to its generous size. The mat features two additional horizontal hand and foot guides to allow for variation in the height of the user. Length: 2050mm Width: 700mm; Thickness: 6mm; Weight: 4.1kg

Key Points

With yoga as most forms of exercise and athletics, the body's alignment is one of the core fundamentals to any good practice.

An alignment yoga mat can help you self-correct your own poses, which in turn help you get the very best out of your yoga practice. 

Alignment guidelines give you something to work with, letting you visually spot when a you may be out of alignment and putting yourselves at risk.

Correct alignment can help increase the health of your ligaments and joints and overall improve mobility whilst reducing muscle fatigue.

Overall an alignment mat can give you direction in your asana, allowing you to remain safe, helping boost your overall physical wellness, whilst improving your yoga practice.

Trustpilot reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars Myga is rated as "Excellent" by our customers

What Our Customers say:

Amy 22 April 2021
Alignment mat is amazing, love the bright colours and comfort when training.

Jan Apple 23 Mar 2021
Fantastic items and high-quality yoga mats would definitely recommend!

Emilia Eccles 19 Mar 2021
Loved the yoga Matt! Excellent quality.

Rebecca Unsworth 19 Mar 2021
Yoga mat - Great product and very quick delivery

The Offer

If you want to receive a 63% reduction on a Myga Alignment, simply click the link below and use our exclusive code. 

This offer is not available from any other location other than this link.  

Reductions cannot be applied retrospectively.

The offer is limited so if you are to latte today you can try again tomorrow.

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 The Catch

To be honest there is no catch if you buy a Myga Alignment Mat using this offer and love it, use it.  If you would like to give some karma back to the universe why not give us some genuine and honest feedback on Amazon and in turn this will help other yogis make an informed buying decision.