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Online Yoga Class Guidelines

Our online yoga classes are carefully planned and designed for your safety, comfort and enjoyment and each of our yoga teachers brings a personal touch to their classes. We have carefully curated different levels and intensities of yoga classes to suit your unique needs and abilities. Below you will find the main guidelines for each class and we invite you to keep an open mind and allow the experience and creativity of our instructors to safely guide you.


Yoga for Beginners with Karine

A Hatha Yoga based mindful and steady practice suitable for those completely new to yoga but also those who have a regular practice and would like to spend more time on the alignment of the basic poses. This class will focus on building strong foundations and understanding of the mind, body and soul, physical yoga practice, breath and the fluctuations of the mind. Expect to be challenged without feeling repressured and enjoy a deep relaxation at the end of each session.

Level 1 and 2: Beginners and Experienced Beginners

Intensity: Medium


Contemporary Yoga with Harriet 

A unique yoga sequence where you will explore a new theme each month with yoga poses, meditation and breath work. This class will give you the opportunity to revisit familiar poses with a fresh approach and facilitate your journey inwards.  Expect fluid movements that can be adjusted to your body and a holistic approach towards your wellbeing. The style of this class is a combination between Hatha Yoga and Gentle Vinyasa Flow with different themes related to the elements or different parts of the body. 

All levels

Intensity: Low/Medium


Slow Vinyasa Flow with Lee-Ann 

Vinyasa means linking breath with the movement. A slow moving Vinyasa yoga based practice, where the breath will be connected to the movement. Expect to flow mindfully through a series of yoga poses (asanas), with focus the alignment of the body with occasional mudras (yogic gestures) and a brief relaxation session at the end of the practice.

Level 1, 2 and 3: Beginners, Experienced Beginners and Intermediate.

Intensity: Medium


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow with Echo

A Vinyasa based practice that focuses on balance, power, flow, flexibility, alignment, within the fundamentals of yoga. Whether you are looking to develop union of the body, breath and mind, improve your metabolism and circulation, or strengthen your cardiovascular system, you will leave feeling stronger, lighter and recharged. Expect to move through a fun yet challenging practice. Learn to transition smoothly from pose to pose, and work into places you may have not been to before.

Level: Intermediate

Intensity: High


Yin Yoga with Antonia

Yin Yoga is a restorative, slow session the emphasis is on alignment and relaxation of the muscles. Poses are held for longer, anything between 3 to 5 minutes, allowing the circulation to flow towards the connective tissues: joints, ligaments, fascia, tendons. This practice commonly uses props and pillows to support the body so you can relax and ease into the postures. The session will begin with a 5-10 meditation seated meditation and will include no more than 10 simple yoga poses held for a longer period of time and will finish with a 5-10 guided relaxation.

All levels

Intensity: Low


Yogasana with Echo

A Vinyasa flow practice that follows a vigorous yet approachable sequence. Each yogasana class will follow the same dynamic structure with some variations allowing you to keep track of your progression. Expect pranayama, mantra, sun salutations, balancing postures, inversions and seated postures.

Level 3 and 4: Intermediate/Advance

Intensity: High


YogaDance with Benjamin

This class includes specific asana sequences ‘choreographed’ to match empowering pieces of music. You will be guided through natural rhythm to warm up the body and lubricate the joints, followed by a fluid salutation and a unique Vinyasa sequence introducing you to your muscle memory and eventually cracking up the music to flow with the groove. The transitions can be fairly speedy and dynamic, so some prior practice with the posture is a bonus, but no previous dance experience is necessary to have a smiley, sweaty good time.

Level: Intermediate

Intensity: High


Sofa Yin with Lee-Ann

Yin Yoga is a gentle restorative practice that will help you melt into the depths of your true self. This class will take place on your comfortable sofa or bed and it will require long holds in simple poses to help open the connective tissues. Expect to ease into a deeply meditative state and return back to your current reality feeling relaxed and at peace. This practice is best done on a couch or bed with added pillows and often required additional props like bolsters and blocks.

All levels

Intensity: Low


Meditation and Breathwork with Nitin

This class takes a modern approach to traditional yogic practices and teaches you how to utilise Pranayama (breath work) and meditation in your day to day life. Prepare any meditation pillows or additional padding you may need to support the body either in a comfortable seating position or laying on to your backs. Expect little to no movement and an emphasis on the breath, detachment from physical senses and relaxation.

All levels

Intensity: Low


Pregnancy Yoga with Finn

Expect fun, invigorating shapes, nourishing flows and deep connections between body, baby and breath. Pregnancy yoga classes are nourishing and informative to alleviate aches and pains, work towards a positive birth experience and connect with your baby. Finn’s classes come straight from a warm, open heart to create safe spaces in which to explore breath, awareness and movement.

Level: Beginner

Intensity: Low


Energising Slow Flow

A slow paced sequence where each breath is connected to the movement. This class combines accessible postures to encourage release and relaxation in the mind and body. An help the body strengthen and release while stabilising and calming the mind. Expect fluid movements with a focus on the breath and alignment that will leave you energised for the rest of the day. Props such as blocks, bolsters and belts are optional.

All levels

Intensity:  Low/Medium 


Hatha Fusion and Yoga Nidra

Part Hatha fusion and part Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) this practice has a Yang/Yin approach. Build up some heat and internal fire with a Hatha fusion style practice, suitable for all abilities, with a mixture of short flowing sequences and static asana, a focus on mindful movement followed by a deep restful Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is suitable for all abilities and it only requires to get comfortable lying down and follow the sound of the instructor’s voice. Props such as blankets, blocks or bolsters are commonly used in this practice. 

All levels

Intensity: Low




Class Levels Explained


Level 1 – Newbie

The beginner yogi/yogini is just starting their yoga journey and would like to get a better understanding of the practice. They are excited to find out more about the yoga poses (asanas) and needs to be guided into the correct alignment.


In Level 1 classes, the sequence is adjusted according to the student’s needs, there is a relatively slow pace of movement and the instructor spends more time breaking down the poses. Props are often used in this practice.


Level 2 – Experienced Beginner

The experienced beginner practitioner is familiar with some of the yoga poses (asanas) and would like to expand their practice and spend more time connecting the asanas with the breath.


In Level 2 classes, the sequence is accessible with a relatively slow pace of movement and includes strong emphasis on the correct alignment. Props are often used in this practice and poses are connected with one another.


Level 3 – Intermediate

The intermediate yogi/yogini has a good understanding of the basic yoga poses with the correct alignment for their body and are ready to explore more advanced variations.


In Level 3 classes, the sequence tends to be fast paced or more dynamic with a diverse variety of poses and styles.


Level 4 – Advanced-Intermediate

The advanced-intermediate yogi/yogini is a dedicated student who practices regularly and confidently connects the breath with the movement.

In Level 4 classes, the sequence is designed for experienced practitioners that have a solid understanding of the asanas and are confident in performing advanced variations.




Intensities Described


Lowest Intensity – Relax and Restore.

These classes are slow paced and will involve little to no movement allowing you to let go of anything that no longer serves you. Soothe, relax and restore.


Low Intensity – More stretching, less stressing.

These classes will help you connect your breath with the movement without having to sweat too much.


Medium Intensity - Pump up.

These classes will awaken your muscles, help you develop strength and leave you feeling energised. You will most likely sweat during the practice.


High Intensity – Grow strong.

Get ready to work your body, train your mind and increase your heart rate. In this classes you will be sweating a lot and feel like a superhero afterwards.