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Yoga Shop | Vegan Cafe | Crystal Paradise

Hello and welcome to Myga in the Bullring and Grand Central – your go-to place for all things holistic and wellbeing! 

One of a kind, Birmingham’s holistic boutique offers a Yoga shop, a Vegan Café and a Crystal Store. Our doors are open to everyone, from the city dweller to the visitor, the vegan, to the cake lover, the yogi to the coffee enthusiast, the crystal believer to the eco-warrior. Come and head down to our stores ready to join a local community of likeminded people who regularly come together and share interests.

This eco-wellbeing space is a magical venue that tells a story; from the moment you step through the doors, you’re greeted by an abundance of positive energy and surrounded by a mixture of colourful yoga gear, eco-conscious gifts, spiritual ornaments, handmade dreamcatchers, holistic goodies and vegan treats.

As a family business, Claudia and Jordan Price have made sure that everything reflects who they are and their values. All of our products in store are either Myga branded or selected with an eco-conscious mind. Our food and drinks are 100% vegan and the company is committed to doing its bit for the planet through the use of non-plastic packaging and reducing waste.

At Myga, we love Birmingham and we’re dedicated to enhancing the local community whilst working directly with businesses and partners who share our planet-loving values. Whether you’re out for a stroll, working nearby or fancy a delicious vegan treat, our lovely, dedicated team welcome you with open arms and smiles on their faces.

WARNING: Visiting Our Shops Might Cause You To Leave With A Smiling Face And Full Of Positive Energy.

Holistic And Yoga Boutique
Our store gives you the chance to check out our Myga Yoga products in real life. Our range includes a huge selection of yoga mats, meditation and yoga accessories as well as yoga clothes. Our lifestyle range features Himalayan Salt Lamps, Eco-Bamboo Cups, Chakra Stones, Jewellery and many other eco-friendly goodies and spiritual inspired gifts.

The launch of this store was an opportunity for us to expand our vision from an online shop to a tangible place where you can explore our products before purchasing them. Although yoga is at the core of our business, the boutique gathers a variety of holistic and wellbeing products including decorative wall-hangings, candles, buddhas, angels, skin care products, soaps, books, incense sticks, greeting cards, handmade items and seasonal gifts. We also offer a huge selection of meditation products and accessories such as meditation pillows, blankets and singing bowls.

Vegan Cafe
We invite you to indulge with our COWFREE coffees, hot 'Superfood drinks', healthy smoothies and delicious cakes. From Berry Boost to Passion Storm, creamy lattes or golden turmeric, our in-house drinks can be made with your choice of almond, soy, coconut, hemp or oat milk. We also have a huge variety of other refreshments and teas.

The menu also includes homemade soups with sourdough bread and delicious home baked vegan cakes alongside other hot savoury snacks and delicious porridge. Our cafe accommodates sixteen indoor and twelve outdoor seats, with a great area for networking events, remote working, relaxing with a book or socialising with your friends. No time to stay in? That’s okay, take-away options are always available.

Crystal Oaze
The store provides you also with the biggest selection of crystals in the City Centre of Birmingham. Crystal carvings, natural stones, tumble stones, crystal lamps, ornaments, along with beautiful gemstone jewellery such Malas, necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair accessories. 

Every individual stone across the spectrum has a different mixture of feel-good properties, so just follow your intuition to the right crystal. If you want to find out more about the meanings of crystals and stones, we also stock a wide range of crystal books and card deck crystals.

Come, pop by and fall in love with the beautiful crystals Mother Nature creates!