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Beach Yoga Set

Beach Yoga Set

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- 1 x Tropical Luxurious Pineapple Vegan Suede yoga mat
- 1 x 2in1 yoga belt/yoga mat carry strap
- 1 x Metal Drinking Bottle
- 1 x Reusable Lunch Box
- 1 x Headband sand


Yoga Mat Top: Microfibre
Yoga Mat Base: Natural Rubber

2in1 Yoga Strap: Polyester

Water Bottle: Stainless Steel

Lunch Box: Single-walled natural bamboo fibre & silica band.

Headband: Polyester

Care Instructions

Yoga Mat: With a soft cloth and water whenever needed or machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle and no bleach. Hang to dry.

Yoga Strap: Hand wash and hang to dry.

Water Bottle: Just fill it with warm, soapy water, close it with the cap, then give it a few good shakes. Empty the bottle and rinse it out with warm water.

Lunch Box: Clean with soapy water & rinse.

Headband: Machine washable.


Mat Width: 61cm
Mat Length: 183cm
Mat Thickness: 3mm
Mat Weight: 2.65kg

Strap Width: 3cm
Strap Length: 180cm
Strap Thickness: 2.5mm
Strap Weight: 170g

Bottle Width: 7cm
Bottle Height: 26cm
Bottle Capacity: 500ml

Lunch Box Width: 12.5cm
Lunch Box Length: 19cm
Lunch Box Height: 6.5cm

Headband Width: 25cm
Headband Length: 49cm

The beach is calling and you must go. This set was created with the magic of an oceanfront in your yoga practice in mind. 

The Vegan Suede Yoga Mat is perfect for anyone who enjoys a very sweaty practice. The velvety top layer increases the grip the more you sweat. Don’t worry if you are not a sweater, just spray or splash your mat with water for a super, anti-slip function which gets activated when the surface gets damp.

The set also includes a 2in1 Yoga Strap which helps you to go deeper into a posture. Smartly designed to transform quickly into a carrier strap for your mat.

We’ve also included a reusable Drinking Bottle to match your tropical yoga mat. Due to its double wall construction, it keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drink hot. Perfect for those hot beach days!

The multi-function Head Band keeps your head protected from the sun, your ears covered by strong wind and can be also used as a hair band during yoga, as neck scarf or balaclava.

Part of the tropical range, the Bamboo Lunch Box is ideal for your snack on the go. The non-drip lid supported by the silica band always guarantees easy and safe transportation.
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