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Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

£4.99 £2.99 GBP

Store your bamboo toothbrush in our ceramic toothbrush holder. Bacteria can thrive easily in dark and damp places such as toothbrush pots. Made from 100% high quality ceramic, our donut shaped holder can be wiped clean providing a more clean and hygienic way to store your toothbrush and holds your toothbrush up to avoid the spread of bacteria, letting it naturally air dry.

Water resistant, our ceramic holder can be wiped clean and can store a single toothbrush, making it the perfect addition to your bathroom accessories.

This holder can also be used as a pen holder on your office desk or table, or to hold make up brushes. When using as a pen store, we recommend placing your pen upside down in the holder, to ensure the nib of the pen doesn’t dry out and is ready to write with straight away.

Dimensions: 40*30mm
Material: ceramic
Colour: white
Mounting type: free standing 


  • Handmade ceramic material with a shine finish, making it easy to wash and keep clean.
  • A cleaner and hygienic way to store your toothbrush as water cannot accumulate inside the holder. It also holds your toothbrush up individually avoiding cross-spread bacteria.
  • The perfect size to fit on your bathroom shelf or table – multiple holders can stand next to each other and help prevent your shelf from looking too crowded.
  • Each holder can hold one toothbrush or pen.

Use and care

Set the holder down on a flat, sturdy surface and place toothbrush or pen into the holder. Only one product can be placed in the holder at a time.

To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. If a more intensive clean is required, wash the toothbrush holder in warm soapy water, gently remove any dirt or residue and allow to air dry.