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Eco Coconut Bottle Brush

£4.99 £2.99 GBP

Myga’s highly durable multi-purpose cleaning brush is a great alternative to disposable or plastic brushes. The long brush and curved end are designed to get into those hard-to-reach places delivering a superior clean. It cuts through grease and eliminates leftover residue without scratching the surface. 


  • Biodegradable - 100% plastic free, including packaging
  • Durable - Strong and durable brush head, durable long handle
  • Tie rope to hang for easy access
  • Ideal for cleaning reusable bottles, glass bottles, pots, pans, baby bottles, drinking glasses
  • Sustainable: Free from toxic chemicals, naturally antibacterial, great for the environment

Material: Bristles made from natural coconut fibres

               Rubber wood handle from a rubber tree

Size: length: 23 cm, width across the top 6cm

Use and care
To achieve the brushes best longevity, hang to dry between uses and place in a dry spot after use. Refrain from using the coconut brush when the bristles are no longer effective and replace brush if you see any mould growth.

To reduce cracking, keep the wood handle dry and do not soak or submerge them in water.