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Organic Cotton Produce Bags

Organic Cotton Produce Bags

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- Multi-purpose use: grocery shopping, camping, storage
- Organise your shopping
- Great for storing vegetables at home
- Washable and washing machine safe
- Reusable
- Zero waste
- Plastic-free


100% Organic Cotton

Care Instructions

When trying to ensure a longer shelf life on your fruits and vegetables, we recommend not packing the produce tightly together as they need space for air circulation. Our cotton bags are washing machine safe. We recommend washing them on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees, smooth out wrinkles and air-dry them. Do not bleach.


Pack QTY: 3

Bag One Dimensions: 38cm x 28cm, 45g
Bag One Weight: 45g

Bag Two Dimensions: 38cm x 27cm
Bag Two Weight: 34g

Bag Three Dimensions: 32cm x 27.5cm
Bag Three Weight: 17g

The Myga re-usable multi-purpose Produce Bags are perfect for carrying fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Whether it is a trip to the local supermarket, food/farmers market, grocery store, or general storage, these bags should be part of your daily routine. Our organic cotton bags are strong, durable and have a drawstring cord to keep your products secure. These mesh bags are perfect for storing a variety of things including toys, office supplies, hair bands, reusable make-up pads and are great for use in the home, camping and on road trips. The list is endless!
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