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The Ultimate Pregnancy Yoga Set

The Ultimate Pregnancy Yoga Set

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1 x Buckwheat support bolster turquoise
1 x Soft support bolster turquoise
2 x Foam yoga blocks turquoise
1 x Extra-large foam yoga block
1 x 2in1 Yoga strap turquoise
1 x Protect bead necklace


Bolster Cover: Cotton
Bolster Filling: Buckwheat Shells

Soft Bolster Cover: Cotton
Soft bolster Filling: PP Cotton

Block: Sturdy Foam

XL Block: Sturdy Foam

Strap: Polyester

Necklace Beads: Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Tiger Eye & Rose Quartz Pendant.

Care Instructions

BOLSTER: The cover can be hand washed. Cold hand wash and air dry only. Our products are consciously packed using eco-friendly materials.

BLOCKS: Use a rag or towel and wipe block with gentle soap or mild laundry detergent diluted in water. Rinse the water and wipe completely dry with a towel or cloth.

STRAP: Hand wash and hang to dry.

NECKLACE: Clean it occasionally with warm water and soap. Gently brush the beads with a super soft brush to remove any build-up. Place them on a towel to air dry.


Bolster Width: 25cm
Bolster Length: 63cm

Soft Bolster Width: 25cm
Soft Bolster Length: 63cm

Block Width: 23cm
Block Length: 14.5cm
Block Depth: 7.7cm
block Weight: 125g

XL Block Width: 30cm
XL Block Length: 20cm
XL Block Depth: 5cm
XL block Weight: 170g

Strap Width: 3cm
Strap Length: 180cm
Strap Thickness: 2.5mm
Strap Weight: 170g

The Ultimate Pregnancy Yoga Kit has everything you need to gently stretch, strengthen, and relax into suitable postures for your pregnant body.

The firm Buckwheat Support Bolster as well as the soft support bolster encourage total release and can be used in many different ways. Washable covers.

The set also includes 2 matching Foam Yoga Blocks to find balance, explore new poses and enjoy comfort in your practice.

An Extra-Large Thin Yoga Block can be used as a seat pad or in yoga postures where you need a little elevation. Support your arms, legs and hips in relaxing poses.

The 2in1 Yoga Strap helps you to go deeper into a posture and was also designed to transform quickly into a carrier strap for your mat.

The beautiful 'Protect' Mala Bead Necklace with 4 gorgeous natural crystals make you feel protected during your pregnancy. Comes in an eco-friendly wooden gift box.
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