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Tingsha Bells

Tingsha Bells

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- For spiritual practice and rituals
-Used along with singing bowls and other instruments in meditation, music, yoga and sound healing.
- Tool to clear space and auras
- Perfect tool in a yoga class
- 100% vegan
- Cotton String
- Enchanting sound
- Altar or sacred space decoration
- Engraved the well-known six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra 'Om Mani Padma Hum' on top of the bells
- Includes a cotton drawstring bag for storage


Bells: Metal
String: Cotton

Care Instructions

Clean with mild soap and water. Wipe dry to prevent water spots.


Diameter: 6.5cm

Experience the majestic vibrations of our Tingsha Bells! Made with two cymbals joined together by a cotton string, these bells emanate a blissful, enchanted, high-pitched cleansing sound, perfect for your next yoga, meditation, or prayer session.

The bells can be used to mark the beginning of your meditation or yoga session and also help yoga teachers to bring the attention of students back to the present moment.

A soothing, spiritual reminder of a deep-rooted history in Tibetan and Himalayan culture, these bells won't ever keep you waiting for your Zen!

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