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Wellness Set In Black

Wellness Set In Black

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Alchemist Yoga mat
Extra Large Foam Yoga Block
Incense Holder Elephant
Serenity Incense Sticks Sandalwood
Strength Bead Necklace


Alchemist Mat: HDPVC

Large Yoga Block: Sturdy Foam

Incense Sticks: Wood Powder
Joss Powder
Bamboo Sticks
Natural Fragrance
Colour: Brown

Incense Holder:
Natural Elm Wood
Colour: Black & White

Strength Bead Necklace: Lava Stone

Care Instructions

Alchemist Yoga mat: Wipe with a wet cloth and air dry.

Extra Large Foam Yoga Block: Use a rag or towel and wipe block with gentle soap or mild laundry detergent diluted in water. Rinse the water and wipe completely dry with a towel or cloth.

Incense Holder Elephant: Wipe it occasionally with warm water to remove dust and grime. Immediately dry it with another cloth.

Serenity Incense Sticks Sandalwood:
Place the incense stick either in an incense burner/ash catcher or hold it in your hand. Light the incense until it is immersed in the flame. Allow the flame to burn for a few seconds before you gently blow or fan out the flame.

Do not leave the incense unattended.

To extinguish the incense stick, press it against a heat-resistant surface.

Strength Bead Necklace: Clean it occasionally with warm water and soap. Gently brush the beads with a super soft brush to remove any build-up. Place them on a towel to air dry.

Always store the mala in a safe place, for example the drawstring bag it comes with it or in a jewellery dish or box.


Alchemist Yoga mat:
Width: 61cm
Length: 183cm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight: 3.1g

Extra Large Foam Yoga Block
Width: 30cm
Length: 20cm
Depth: 5cm
Weight: 160g

Incense Holder Elephant
Width: 3.6cm
Length: 25.5cm
Weight: 10g

Serenity Incense Sticks Sandalwood
Total Length: 20.3cm
Weight: 19-20g (approx)
Pack QTY: 15
Burn Time: 20-25min (approx)

Strength Bead Necklace
Length: 45cm
Bead Diameter: 8mm
Bead QTY: 108
Pendant: 2cm

Yogis, get ready to turn your practice into an alchemical masterpiece with our Wellness Set In Black!

Our Alchemist Yoga Mat features a long-lasting build and a non-slip surface for ultimate stability to help you perform powerful endurance poses. For 6mm of cushioning and a closed-cell surface offering unbeatable stability, this set is perfect for yoga and other body workouts.

The X-Large Yoga Block is lightweight and scratch resistant. Its sturdy foam core offers balanced support and allows you to experience poses with correct alignment - marvellously long-limbed and effortlessly centred. 

Light up your space with the ‘Serenity’ Incense Sticks. One pack contains 15pcs, each hand-rolled on bamboo with natural extracts and herbs, then lovingly wrapped in eco-friendly butter paper, and shipped in a recyclable paper box.The scent of sandalwood has an aphrodisiac effect, calms nervousness and boosts self-confidence.

Its gorgeous black Incense Holder with its white elephant design will hold your precious incense sticks without any mess - perfect for yoga, mediation, ceremonies, or just a beautiful home decor! Plus, it's SO easy to clean - win-win!

Feel connected to the earth and conquer change with our Strength Bead Necklace! Uniquely hand-knotted with Lava Stone beads, this necklace is the perfect accessory to ground your root chakra and eliminate negative energy. Let this brilliant necklace be your strength and stability, whatever the journey.

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