Easing Anxiety in Children with Breathing Balls

Easing Anxiety in Children with Breathing Balls

Breathing balls, also known as Hoberman spheres, are an effective and engaging tool for teaching kids the art of controlled breathing, commonly incorporated in yoga practices to manage stress and anxiety. These spheres visually represent how the lungs expand and contract during deep breathing, making the process both fun and educational.

How to Use a Breathing Ball:

  • During Yoga for Kids: Instructors use the breathing ball to demonstrate deep breathing. As the sphere expands, children are encouraged to inhale, filling their lungs with air, and as it contracts, they exhale. This helps children visualise and regulate their breath, a key technique for calming the mind.


Benefits of Using Breathing Balls:

  • Visualisation and Control: Kids can see and control their breathing, which empowers them to manage their physiological responses to anxiety.
  • Engagement and Fun: The playful nature of the breathing ball makes learning about breathing techniques enjoyable, promoting regular practice.
  • Enhanced Concentration: Regular use of the breathing ball helps improve focus and mindfulness, which are beneficial in both academic and social settings.
  • Emotional Regulation: By mastering their breathing, children develop better control over their emotions, reducing feelings of anxiety.


By incorporating breathing balls into routines like pre-school preparations or transition times, children can practice these techniques consistently, which not only helps in managing anxiety but also enhances their overall emotional and physical health.

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