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Our Story

Myga is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand founded in 2017 by Claudia and Jordan Price who developed a lifelong dream from a simple desire to building a common career that will allow them to spend more time together. Myga is the amalgamation of a passion for everything holistic and a product development expertise bridged by a deep desire to create a better future for their family while positively impacting the world around.




Originally from Austria, Claudia’s professional background is deeply embedded in holistic practices, having taken the first steps towards inner self in her early twenties when she took some ‘time-out’ and travelled to India to achieve greater introspection. Throughout her journey through Asia, Claudia spent time in Ashrams, learned different meditation practices and got to embrace other cultures which consequently lead to her first RYT 200hrs yoga teacher training course. Creative, friendly and compassionate Claudia is an advocate for an eco-friendly lifestyle and hopes to inspire people to more conscious choices for their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.



Born and raised in the UK, Jordan’s passion for adventure and ability to always think outside the box have been the driving force behind his entrepreneurial profession. His practical thinking, intuitive leadership and courage to step into the unknown have facilitated a successful career in import and export trade. With over 20 years of practical experience in product development, Jordan built and developed several successful businesses from the ground, all currently operating on worldwide markets. His can-do attitude, bold and ambitious personality are reflected in all his endeavours as he fosters a sense of trust and motivates the people around him.





The couple’s driving force behind the business are their two children, Ava and Phoenix who reinforced their need to spend more time together as a family. Both in love with their careers, Claudia and Jordan merged their expertise to create work that would be of value for the entire family and while positively impacting the world around. 


In 2017 the couple found a gap in the market for colourful, quality and affordable yoga gear and they set on a venture to spread the joy of yoga through creative products in sustainable packaging. Myga initially launched as an online shop while also supplying other retailers such as Asos, Next and many others with an outstanding range of yoga mats and several start-up yoga accessories. The colourful ‘Jordia’ (later renamed) collection includes six unique designs each telling the story behind the pattern. 


By the end of 2018 Myga had their first 2 pop-up shops one in the Touch Wood Solihull Shopping Mall and one in the Bullring and Grand Central in Birmingham. The positive response from the public was followed by a high demand for more products so the couple decided to expand their range which is still growing at an exponential rate.


Spring 2019 predicted a blooming year for Myga beginning with a well-received children yoga range that included several children mats in line with the company’s branding and development. 

Summer 2019 brought along a warm forecast announcing an amazing partnership with the only breast cancer awareness charity for young people in the UK. Myga developed 6 gorgeous mat designs featuring boobs in partnership with CoppaFeel!, offering a £5 donation for each of the limited-edition mat sold. 

Autumn 2019 opened the doors to the first Myga experiential retail store right in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. One of a kind in the West Midlands, the Myga store at the Bullring quickly became the well-known family business with a Vegan Café, Yoga Boutique and Yoga studio all in one place. Located just outside the doors of the Bullring, one of the biggest shopping centres in the UK, Myga is an eco-wellbeing escape offering yoga classes in the morning and evening, a vegan café shop with delicious home backed vegan treats and a yoga boutique during the day where everyone can relax with a book and enjoy cow-free hot drinks and a great selection of super smoothies. 


Fast forward several months later, January 2020 brings new resolutions under the brand’s portfolio as Myga launches its first clothing range for women. Based on a minimalist design with high quality materials, the collection focuses on comfort and functionality without following the contemporary fashion trends.

March 2020 brought along the unpredictable circumstances of the COVID19 and like many other businesses, Myga temporarily closes down the experiential retail store in Birmingham but continues to innovate in the online world and adapt to the current market conditions.

In June 2020 Myga reopens the doors of the shop and vegan cafe ensuring safety for all staff members and customers in accordance to the government guidelines. The studio remains temporarily closed and Myga concentrates their effort towards a Virtual Membership like no other. 

As a family owned business, Myga is here on a mission inspiring people to take a holistic approach towards individual and collective wellbeing through creative practices and eco-conscious products and is not planning to slow down anytime soon.

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