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Kids Yoga Tumbling Tower

Kids Yoga Tumbling Tower

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- 60 wooden blocks/60 yoga poses
- Includes a leaflet with all yoga poses on it
- Instructions on the back of the box
- Gets the whole family involved
- Inspired by Miss Molly Myga, the moo-ditating yoga cow
- Perfect yoga gift
- Age recommendation 4+
- Aids in learning new yoga poses
- Promotes kindness and self love
- For kids yoga teachers, kids, adults and yoga lovers



Care Instructions

Use eco-friendly dish soap and water to clean the wooden blocks.

Do not immerse, soak, or put your beautiful wooden blocks in the dishwasher. Wipe gently with a soft towel and dry it.


Brick Width: 2.5cm
Brick Length: 7.5cm
Brick Thickness: 1.5cm

Exercise, stretch and balance while learning new yoga poses with the giant wooden yoga tower. Inspired by Myga’s range of yoga games, such as the yoga dice, the tower consists of 60 colourful wooden blocks featuring 60 yoga poses and additional action symbols to add fun and mindfulness to the game.

Players will demonstrate their skill, eye for balance, statics and calmness while pulling out block by block and placing it on top again without knocking it down.

Meaning Symbols
Action symbols such as “double heart”(pose+say something nice about yourself & someone else) promotes kindness, appreciation for other and self-love.

“Invent your own pose” symbol enhances imagination.

“Pose & hold for 4 breaths” promotes body awareness and helps to connect to your breath.

“Pose with a partner” strengthens bonds and promotes teamwork.

“Pose + say something nice about yourself” builds strength and teaches self-love.
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