Myga x CoppaFeel Collaboration

Myga x CoppaFeel Collaboration

Myga are pleased to announce that they have partnered up with one of the UK’s biggest charities, CoppaFeel! CoppaFeel! make it their mission to create awareness within young people about breast cancer and to instil the knowledge and tools they need to get to know their bodies.

Myga wanted to partner up with CoppaFeel! to raise awareness and support such an important cause that is close to many of our hearts. With 1 in 7 women being diagnosed with Breast cancer in the UK, we know that if we can increase awareness in young people then this can lead to early diagnosis and therefore early treatment. Saving lives.

We want everyone to have the best fighting chance at beating breast cancer, so by creating our 6 boob mats we hope to spread the message and help beat cancer.

We are proudly supporting the breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel! by donating £20,000 of the profits from our boob mat collection. If you buy one of our amazing CoppaFeel! mats, then £5 will be donated directly to CoppaFeel!

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