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Kids Domino Yoga

£14.99 GBP
Product Story

Inspired by Myga’s kids yoga range as well as the well-known popular classic domino game, Myga has brought a healthy physical twist to it.

Learn and master new poses while concentrating, building strength and gaining flexibility.

Each player has to connect a matching pose and perform it. When a double pose appears, all players must do the pose. Once the game is complete, all players must do the sequence together.

Further instructions are found on the back of each box but of course you can work very creatively with the cards.

Yoga is an ancient practice of physical activity and mindfulness dating back over 5000 years. Many yoga poses were copied from observing animals, objects and people. That’s why the cards feature different animals such as cow, frog, and camel, as well as objects like airplane and boat.


• Inspired by Miss Molly Myga, the moo-ditating yoga cow
• Learn & practice 8 yoga poses that improve focus and concentration
• Perfect thoughtful gift
• Age recommendation 4+
• 32 pieces, 8 yoga poses
• For mindful moments
• Developed by yoga teachers for yoga lovers
• Great support tool for a kid’s yoga class
• A gentle introduction to yoga
• For mums and dads who love to share yoga with their kids


Material: Paperboard
Size of one card: 10 x 5 cm, 5mm thick
Box: 15cm x 7cm x 11cm
Number of parts: 32