Yoga Mats FAQ

1. Which Yoga mat is a great all-rounder yoga mat?
The eco-friendly Xlarge cork yoga mats in our range are the perfect companion for all yoga styles. Its 6mm thickness provides superior joint and bone support, while its absorbent cork surface ensures excellent grip during long, sweaty practices. Although they are larger than standard mats, the light weighted TPE material on the bottom of the mat ensures this mat remains easy to carry wherever you go.
Myga’s Standard sized Jute Yoga mats as well as the X-Large Alignment mats are also a brilliant choice for anyone who practices different styles of yoga.

2. What is the best yoga mat for Yin Yoga/Restorative Yoga?
We recommend a yoga mat with at least 4mm thickness to protect your joints and to maximise your comfort. Great choices are the X-Large Alignment Yoga mats, X-Large Cork yoga mats as well as our Jute Yoga mats.

3. Which Yoga mat do you recommend for Hot Yoga?
Our Vegan Suede on Rubber Yoga mats provide the ultimate grip in a sweaty practice. Their absorbent material is designed specifically for Hot or Bikram Yoga, and can be easily washed in a cold cycle. Experience maximum traction and control - and peace of mind - during your Yoga practice.

4. I tend to slip on my mat, is there anything I can do?
It’s normal to sweat during a yoga practice due to our nervous system which triggers your sweat glands. Some ways to improve your grip:
  • Allow time to break it in: With regular use, its surface will slowly mold to your body's contours and movements, providing the best grip to help you stay in optimal position and get the most out of your practice.
  • Don’t use cremes, oils or lotions ahead of your yoga session.
  • Wear yoga socks and have a hand towel next your mat.
  • Switch to a mat with a different material.
The Alignment Yoga mats in our range for example provides superior grip to ensure you won't slip during your practice. The mat offers superior cushioning and stability, allowing you to stay comfortable during your yoga practice while still having a firm foundation. The advanced grip technology provides excellent gripping power in all conditions, even when you're sweating.

5. What are the signs that I need to replace my yoga mat?
  • You notice wear and tear
  • Your yoga mat it starting to smell
  • There’s uneven padding (which happens over time in certain spots depending on your body and what poses you do the most)
  • The mat doesn’t offer enough cushioning. 
  • It’s time to replace your yoga mat when it’s no longer serving your practice/your needs have changed.
6. What can I do to make my yoga mat last longer?
  • Clean our mat regularly
  • Practice with clean hands and feet
  • Try to avoid body cremes and oils 
  • Air dry your mat after every sweaty practice
  • Avoid direct sun light
  • Do not use shoes or heavy weights on your yoga mat
7. Can I practice outside with a Myga yoga mat?
Practising yoga outside is a fantastic way to connect with nature and we at Myga encourage to do so but please take into consideration that a regular use of your yoga mat on grass, sand, stone or soil can damage the yoga mat. Keep in mind that a clean yoga mat is paramount to protection the lifespan of your mat.

8. I would like to buy a yoga mat which I can also use also for other body workouts, which one would you recommend?
The Alchemist Yoga mat with its durable material is perfect for all types of body workouts, including yoga, Pilates, and fast-paced cardio exercises. It provides a stable foundation and a firm cushion to help you move from one position to another. Plus, it has a non-slip design to help you stay balanced throughout your workouts. This mat is footwear-friendly but will show signs of wear over time.