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Alchemist Yoga Mat

£49.99 £29.99 GBP

Just like the Alchemist, this mat is characterised by a long service life, specially designed for high performance and endurance practices. With a solid base and made out of thick and dense material, the Alchemist Yoga mat provides cushioning for the whole body. This mat not only protects the joints, but it also offers great stability with its non-slip surface. The perfect blend of cushioning (6mm) and stability (closed-cell surface) hoping to inspire you to create something greater for yourself through the magical process of alchemy.

Ideal for any type of yoga practices and workouts, but especially helpful for anyone working through injuries due to its highly cushioning surface. A firm mat that also protects the body.

Made of the HDPVC.


Length 183cm; Width: 61cm; Thickness: 6mm; Weight: 3.1kg.


  • High-performance mat
  • 6mm thick ultra-dense material
  • Multi-purpose suitable for a variety of workouts
  • Supports injury recovery
  • Cushion base and non-slip grip
  • Easy wipe down the surface

Care and use:

The closed-cell material is hygienic and easy to clean. Wipe with a wet cloth and air dry.

Our products are consciously packaged using eco-friendly materials without plastic.