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Macrame Wallhanging - Ariel Mandala Crochet

£11.99 GBP
Product Story

Our Ariel Mandala Crochet macrame wallhanging is a stunning wall hanging intricately knotted with crochet and plaited cotton tassels helping it to stand out as a true statement piece.

The word Ariel has a number of meanings including the name of the brightest moon of the planet Uranus. Mandala patterns are known for their spiritual guidance, establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation.

Macrame wallhangings come from a legend which suggests they can catch bad dreams from entering your subconscious, leaving only the good dreams to enter your mind.

This very beautiful macrame wallhanging is suitable for bedrooms, living spaces and even party/wedding occasions adding an element of boho to its environment.


Hoop Frame: wooden
Thread: cotton
Tassles: Cotton
Colour: Cream/White