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Macrame Wallhanging - Ariel Mandala Crochet

Macrame Wallhanging - Ariel Mandala Crochet

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Wooden Hoop Frame
Cotton Threads & Tassels
Colour: Cream/White

Care Instructions


Width: 30.5cm
Length: 85cm

Our Ariel Mandala Crochet macrame wall-hanging is a stunning wall hanging intricately knotted with crochet and plaited cotton tassels helping it to stand out as a true statement piece. 

The word Ariel has a number of meanings including the name of the brightest moon of the planet Uranus. Mandala patterns are known for their spiritual guidance, establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation. 

Macrame wall-hangings come from a legend which suggests they can catch bad dreams from entering your subconscious, leaving only the good dreams to enter your mind. 

This very beautiful macrame wall-hanging is suitable for bedrooms, living spaces and even party/wedding occasions adding an element of boho to its environment. 
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