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Backflow Incense Burner - Dragon

£37.49 GBP

Product Story

The Myga Dragon backflow Incense Burner is great for home décor and meditation.

The burner has a number of areas where incense cones and sticks can be placed. The incense smoke cascades downwards through the mystical dragon. The ceramic dragon burner features a crystal gem to encapsulate the cascading smoke and is an ideal gift and comes in a beautiful display box. The smoky waterfall diffuses an incense aroma that can disperse negative energy, purifying the air and alleviating daily stresses.


Material: Ceramic
Colour: Grey
Box Height: 14cm
Box Width: 27cm
Box Length: 26cm


Backflow incense burner
Suitable for incense cones and sticks
Made of ceramic material, sturdy and exquisite with a matte finish
Can be used during meditation and aid-sleeping
Maintain a pleasant body and mind
Package includes 1x backflow burner only

Use & Care

Place your backflow burner in a flat, draft-free place. Light the top of the backflow cone or incense stick and place it on the incense burner. Wait a few minutes and allow the delicate smoke to slowly stream down creating a waterfall like flow.

Cleaning Your Burner

You may find that your incense burner may have a build-up of residue and stains which will need to be removed through cleaning.

Run warm or hot water through the incense burner, in a sink of bowl and submerge the incense burner in the water. Wipe down any areas that have excess residue with a sponge and then remove from the water. Let the incense burner air dry.


Always burn incense indoors, away from any sudden movements and flammable items.
Incense cone and sticks sold separately