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Growth Bead Necklace

Growth Bead Necklace

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- Tool to use for meditation & prayer
- Knots tied in between
- Thoughtful gift
- Hand-knotted Mala
- Healing necklace


Beads: Amazonite & Labradorite
Pendant: Spandex

Care Instructions

Clean it occasionally with warm water and soap. Gently brush the beads with a super soft brush to remove any build-up. Place them on a towel to air dry.


Length: 45cm
Bead Diameter: 8mm
Bead QTY: 108
Tassel Length: 8.5cm

Enhance your intuition and stimulate creativity, wisdom and inner vision with the beautiful ‘Growth Bead Mala’.

This stunning mala supports you in growing as a person, by stimulating your creativity, wisdom and inner vision. It is also a great help through change, growing your strength and perseverance by protecting and balancing your natural aura.

Amazonite is the stone known for expression, balance, and inspiration. It is a good energy filter, soothing aggravation and emotional trauma, easing irritation and calming all of your chakras. 

Amazonite ranges in colour from colourless, to white, yellow, bluish, pink, red, grey, or many different shades of green, from pale-green to bluish aqua-green.

Labradorite is known for raising consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. It can also assist with treating disorders of the eyes, brain, and stimulates mental acuity, while also reliving anxiety and stress.

The tassel represents the connection to the divine spirit, your highest truth. A reminder that we are all connected - regardless of the challenges that we face.
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