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Chip Bracelet - Howlite

£8.49 GBP
Product Story

'Strengthen memory, calm the overactive mind and stimulate your desire for knowledge.'

Adding to our ever-growing Chip collection, Myga would love to introduce out Howlite Chip bracelet, a gemstone that has been used many years as an amazing calmer, which can also be used during meditation. By relaxing when wearing, you may sense many positive changes around you. It is known to help people reach goals, and dreams.

Myga’s Howlite bracelet has properties to enhance your vision, improve your creativity, and even clarify your vision for your future. It can help to bring positive, happy thoughts to the wearer, and can allow you to start to understand yourself better (of wish for more confidence).

The stone chosen, has a unique pattern, with a marble grey lining running throughout most stones, they are all completely unique and formed as natural stone chipping’s. They are placed onto an elasticated band, which can confidently stretch, to fit on most wrist sizes comfortably.

Our jewellery range are all presented in a cotton draw string bag, which is then displayed in a beautiful pinewood carved box. Inside the box is also a small information booklet, which allows the recipient to see what stones they have received, and the meaning behind their chosen bracelet.

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