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Mini Buddha Zen Garden Kit

Mini Buddha Zen Garden Kit

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- Perfect aid to meditation and yoga practices
- Great zen gift set
- Beautiful decor for your home
- Miniature of a traditional Japanese meditative garden
- Soothes the mind
- Brings calmness into your life
- Beautiful present for a loved one


Base: Density board
Natural Stones
Resin Buddha
Bamboo Rake
Sand: white sand from shell grinding

Care Instructions

Place your zen garden on a flat surface. When burning incense sticks, in draft-free place. We supply a range of incense sticks.

Always burn incense sticks indoors, away from any sudden movements and flammable items.


Tray Width: 22.5cm
Tray Depth: 15cm
Weight: 800g

Create a calming atmosphere with this eye-catching zen garden with buddha ornament. Use the included rake to master the calming skill of sand raking while maintaining your garden.

Treat yourself or bring peace & happiness to a loved one. A nice decoration for your home, office, altar, yoga room or meditation space.
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