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Round Mandala Yoga Mat - 139cm Diameter

Round Mandala Yoga Mat - 139cm Diameter

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- Creative yoga gift idea
- For dynamic class setup options
- No need for repositioning during pose changes
- Inspires 360 degree range of movement
- Wonderful mat for a mummy&child class
- Non-slip microfibre vegan suede
- High grip base from natural rubber
- Grip Tip: Your new mat might be a bit slippery the first time - don’t worry! Just like your new pair of jeans or shoes, your mat gets better the more you use it. Spray, wet or splash your mat with water for a super grip.


Top: Microfibre Vegan Suede
Base: Natural Foam Rubber

Care Instructions

Clean with a soft cloth and water. Also machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle and no bleach. Hang to dry.


Diameter: 139cm
Thickness: 5mm

The round yoga mat is an eye-catching yoga prop and loved especially by yoga teachers as there is no need for repositioning during pose changes. Ideal for meditation and pranayama practitioners due to the calming and spiritual properties of the mandala design.

Round shapes have a positive effect on the human mind. Circles have been proven to assist our focus and evoke feelings of completeness.

A soft vegan suede top layer, delicate on touch and a rubber tree bottom providing stability on any surface.
The velvety top layer becomes more grippy the more you sweat. Don’t worry if you are not a sweater, just spray, splash or wet your mat with water for a super, anti-slip function which gets activated when the surface gets damp. 

This yoga mat comes in a beautiful natural eco-friendly tube which can be used as storage of the mat.

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  • Created For High Performance

  • Water Activated Anti-Slip Function

  • Stability On Any Floor Surface

  • Soft Vegan Suede Top Layer