Yoga Mat Guide - How To Find The Right Mat

Yoga Mat Guide - How To Find The Right Mat

Using a yoga mat provided by your chosen yoga studio is a great opportunity for beginner students to explore different styles of yoga before committing to a regular practice. Most yoga studios allow you to use their yoga mats for free, some might charge a small fee.

Once you fall in love with yoga and start practicing also at home on your own, you might want to consider buying your own yoga mat.


It’s not only hygienic to have your own mat, it also allows you to practice whenever and wherever. You can take it to your studio or on holidays. Additionally, the colour and design can reflect your personality and style.

Yoga mats in yoga studios or gyms are normally used by lots of people and even though cleaned after each use(hopefully), it might not be up to your personal hygiene standard. Sharing yoga mats with others also increases the chance of spreading bacteria and germs.

There might be days or times when your yoga studio doesn’t offer any classes you like or is closed all day. The benefit of having your own mat allows you to practice every day, no matter what time or where. Walking through a park during lunch time, simply roll out your yoga mat and bring some peace into your busy life.

Like a car reveals much about yourself, so does a yoga mat. It’s an extension of your personality, character and style. The colour for example of your yoga mat can reflect the way you feel about ourselves, as well as directly influence your mood.

A yoga mat should be a place where you are kind, compassionate, and gentle with yourself. A place where you forget about your worries and focus simply on just being. Your own yoga mat will make this easier, like sleeping in your own bed. Once you step on your mat, you are at home.

Before buying your own yoga mat, you should consider a few criteria. Our Yoga mat guide will help you find the right yoga mat for your personal needs. You can find our guide by clicking the button below.
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