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Cork Massage Ball 5cm

£5.99 £4.99 GBP
Product Story

The Myga Cork fascia balls are a powerful self-healing tool. Perfect for enhancing joint movement and calming your nervous system. Our cork balls can help to prevent injury as well as stimulate blood circulation when there is tension in your muscles.

Thanks to their small surface, the massage pressure penetrates deep into the tissue and loosens even the most stubborn trigger points. Use our massage balls in yoga, Pilates, and other body workout such as CrossFit, HIIT and running.

Comes with a practical drawstring carry bag made of cotton.

Recommended body area for the 5cm ball (Golf ball size): A favourite for hands, feet, calves, forearms, neck, and smaller muscles. Excellent for point-point / localised release.


Material: 100% Cork


Environmentally friendly
Renewable & biodegradable
Antibacterial & antimicrobial
Includes storage bag
Relieves muscle pain
Provides pinpoint tension relief
Helps stimulate circulation


Use the cork massage ball on a firm flat surface. The cork massage ball is best used against a wall for a gentle massage, or if you require more intensity, simply lie on your back as this will increase the pressure.

Start slowly, rolling along the length of the muscle. Pause on any tight spots and gradually increase the pressure. Speed up to get the blood flowing and slow down to tight muscle fascia. You should feel a “good pain”.


Clean with a drop of soap or essential oil and water. Wipe with a dry cloth before you put it back to the storage bag.