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Silver Plated Necklace - Pink Agate Pendant

Silver Plated Necklace - Pink Agate Pendant

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• Pink Agate crystal pendant.
• Hexagonal point.
• 45cm (11.5”) charming iron chain plated with Silver.
• +5cm (2”) extension chain.
• Zinc alloy metal holder.
• Crab claw clasp closure.
• Thoughtful gift.


• Silver plated Iron Chain
• Zinc Alloy Metal Holder
• Pink Agate Crystal

Care Instructions

Take off your jewellery before swimming or shower to maintain the optimal quality. Try to avoid direct contact with cosmetics such as lotion, soaps and especially perfumes. Anything that contains chemicals might damage your jewellery.


Length: 45cm (+5cm extension chain)
Pendant Width: 1.2cm
Pendant Length: 4cm

This unique necklace combines the powerhouse energy of the hexagonal point with the soothing vibes of Pink Agate crystal.

Pink Agate stimulates intuition, imagination and artistic qualities. It also helps stabilise the aura and eliminates negativity.

Plated with silver over zinc alloy metal, the 45cm charming chain is completed with a 5cm extension chain and a crab claw clasp closure for security and peace of mind. A thoughtful gift for any crystal lover. 

Please note that due to the nature of the gemstone, the colour may vary from the picture.

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