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Round Chakra Yoga Mat - 139cm Diameter

£99.99 GBP
Product Story

The Myga round yoga mats creates a large open space which allows you to take your workout in any direction and they’re perfect if you’re feeling a little creative. This large space means you can spend more time on the mat and there’s no need to turn during classes anymore.

Despite the many symbolic meanings attributed to circles, research has shown round shapes have a positive effect on the human mind; circles have been proven to assist our focus and evoke feelings of completeness which can be helpful in such exercises, as yoga and meditation.

The round premium mats have been created for high performance, the velvety top layer increases grip the more you sweat and its surface will naturally become rougher with every use. Don’t worry if you are not a sweater, just spray, splash or wet your mat with water for a super, anti-slip function which gets activated when the surface gets damp.

Available in two stunning designs, Mandala and Chakra, purchase yours today.


Top Surface: Microfibre Vegan Suede
Bottom Surface: Natural Foam Rubber

Dimensions: 139cm Diameter, 5mm thickness