A yoga mum’s experience with Miss Molly, the yoga cow

A yoga mum’s experience with Miss Molly, the yoga cow

Being a mum of two very energetic girls and having a huge passion for my yoga practice, I was so excited to be asked if I would like a MYGA Molly come live with us in the Suffolk countryside.


My girls have always paid an interest in my yoga practice but when we tried to do it together the attention span was short and they got bored.

When Molly the yoga cow arrived I was so impressed with the design and the quality of the product, immediately she got a huge amount of attention from my two and she didn’t stay in her box for long. 

I introduced them to Molly and the card pack and they got very excited to start practicing, we sat together and went through the cards.

These cards are fantastic; they give a basic but educational introduction to the key parts of yoga practice.


The card deck contains:

. Beginner yoga poses 

. Benefits of these poses 

. Mindful activities surrounding these poses

. Mindfullness cards 

. Tools to help manage stress and anxiety 

. Teach the ‘whys’ behind yoga and mindfulness 

. Information on Mandalas and Chakras 


We chose two cards each to discuss and practice; along with Molly it was the perfect session. 


Molly is a fantastic tool to keep interaction and engagement at an all time high as she is easy to move into each position, it was extremely exciting for the girls to have Molly joining in the practice.


I would recommend Molly for anyone who teaches children’s yoga, PE lessons at school and enhancing the introduction to it at home. After all yoga is for everyone and from any age.


More about Molly:


. Soft and Snuggly 

. Great size

. Easy to put into poses 

. Constructed beautifully

. Fun

. Educational 



Louise is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, forest school practitioner and mum of two, working currently on a 1-1 basis with her yoga clients of all ages to enhance their practice and also introduce to children to help with anxiety, stress and slowing down. 

Yoga practice has completely transformed Louise’s life and now integrating that into every avenue of what she does is very important to her. 


To find out more visit her instagram blog page @dandelionsanddaisychains and her business page @mindfulmoonyogaandmassage 

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