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Poses Single Print Yoga Mat

Poses Single Print Yoga Mat

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- Beautiful playful design.
- Single silk print.
- 3mm of cushioning.
- Soft and stable material.
- Easy wipe down surface.



Care Instructions

Width: 55cm
Length: 150cm
Thickness: 3mm


Transform your child's yoga practice into an exciting adventure with the Yoga Poses Mat, designed especially for kids. This unique mat features a vibrant array of yoga poses, providing a playful and educational backdrop that can inspire your child's practice.

Safety is paramount, and the textured, non-slip surface ensures your child can move confidently without the risk of slipping. At 3mm thick, the mat provides just the right amount of cushioning to protect sensitive joints like knees and ankles while maintaining a firm base for balance and stability. The mat's dimensions—55cm in width and 150cm in length—offer ample space for stretching, yoga poses, or playful activities, making it the perfect size for children.

Designed in the UK with a single silk print on one side, it's durable enough to withstand daily use, ensuring it stays vibrant and reliable. Whether they're practicing yoga, stretching, or just playing, the Yoga Poses Mat combines safety and fun, encouraging kids to explore movement with creativity and joy.

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