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      Looking for the perfect gift for friends, family or colleagues?  Get a Myga-Yoga Gift card and let them have fun choosing for themselves! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. For purchases online at myga.eco only.  

      Dreamcatcher - Selene Wallhanging

      Boho Dream Catcher Handmade Gift Wall Hanging Decor Art Ornament Craft Woven Macrame Nordic MoonThe Myga Selene Dreamcatcher brings a cosmic element and energy to your room and home. This dreamy wall hanging, and dreamcatcher has a delicate design which creates a soft, relaxing and bohemian feel to your room. This wall hanging is great for adding texture and difference...

      Dreamcatcher - Bodhi Mandala Crochet Wallhanging

      Bodhi means ‘awakening, enlightenment’ and relates to the Bodhi tree fig tree which the founder of Buddhism received enlightenment. This delicate wall hanging consists of white Mandala crochet pattern accompanied by wooden beaded detail which leads to white cotton tassels. This delicate yet eye-catching piece will stand out on darker wall colours and can be hung anywhere inside your home...

      Dreamcatcher - Luna Wallhanging

      The Myga Luna dream catcher wall hanging features a stunning bohemian moon and is the perfect gift for yourself, a loved one or friend who loves a bohemian vibe. The wall hanging features a large crescent moon with netted detailing, which leads down to intricate crochet tassels and wooden beads. Each wall hanging is handmade, therefore there may be slight...

      Dreamcatcher - Ariel Mandala Crochet Wallhanging

      Our Ariel Mandala Crochet dreamcatcher is a stunning wall hanging intricately knotted with crochet and plaited cotton tassels helping it to stand out as a true statement piece. The word Ariel has a number of meanings including the name of the brightest moon of the planet Uranus. Mandala patterns are known for their spiritual guidance, establishing a sacred space and...

      Dreamcatcher - Aurora Macrame Wallhanging

      Macrame wall rug, macrame wall hanger, wall hanger, woven wall hanging, boho décor, wall decoration, tapestry Our Aurora Natural Macrame Dreamcatcher are the perfect addition to your bedroom enhancing your natural sleep pattern and boho dreams. Named after the Goddess of the Dawn, Aurora, this delicate wall hanging features a deep red alongside a natural cream cotton, and can be...

      Dreamcatcher - Aspen Wallhanging

      This delicate dreamcatcher is made of twisted cream/white cotton and features beaded detailing with dreamcatcher design as the main focal point with eight detailed cotton tassels hanging below. Its cream colour brings light into your home through its natural colours and can be hung anywhere inside your home to create a bohemian atmosphere. Our Myga Aspen Dreamcatcher encapsulates the tranquillity...

      Dreamcatcher - Haven Macrame Wall Hanging

      This delicate wall hanging features a gradient blue alongside white, green, cream and pink cotton and can be hung anywhere inside your home to create a boho atmosphere. Use as a main feature to your wall in your living room, study, nursery and other spaces. The word ‘haven’ epitomises the feelings of safety, comfort, security and happiness. A place of...

      Dreamcatcher - Savannah Macrame Wallhanging

      Our Savannah Macrame Wall Hanging is a stunning wall hanging intricately knotted with wooden beads to help its geometric pattern stand out as a true statement piece. The word ‘Savannah’ means ‘treeless plain’ and is also known as a romantic and historical place. The wall hangings unique, geometric design is a perfect main feature for over the sofa, above your...