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Crystal Water Bottle - Amethyst

Crystal Water Bottle - Amethyst

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• Includes a neoprene protection sleeve
• Made from food grade approved materials
• BPA Free
• Long wearing
• Easy to use/clean
• Crystal elixirs
• Natural gem water, crystal tonics
• Recharge your water with crystal clear energies


• 304 Stainless Steel Cup and Base
• High Borosilicate Glass

Care Instructions

Before you first use, take all the pieces apart and wash them well before you fill it with fresh water.
The glass body can be cleaned by hand under the tap. The stainless-steel parts can be easily screwed off and washed by hand as well. The Crystal itself can be easily washed by hand in fresh water or recharged in moon light. Do not put any parts in the dishwasher.


Size: 6.5cm x 26cm
Capacity: 500ml

Fusing modern convenience and ancient healing, the Crystal Infusion Glass Water Bottle is an exquisite vessel for invigorating your daily hydration routine. Crafted from premium glass and embedded with a natural Amethyst crystal, simply stow the bottle in your neoprene sleeve and enjoy the soothing, calming effects of Amethyst, said to help the mind flow freely in both mental and metaphysical realms.

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual crystals promoting love of the divine and giving insight into its true nature, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

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