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      Myga E Gift Card

      Gift Card
      Looking for the perfect gift for friends, family or colleagues?  Get a Myga-Yoga Gift card and let them have fun choosing for themselves! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. For purchases online at myga.eco only.  

      The 7 Chakras Bead Bracelets

      Harness the energy of the seven chakras to balance the body and mind.

      Nurturing Bead Bracelet

      Connect to the earth's warm energy to stay grounded and strong.

      Growth Bead Necklace

      'Enhance your intuition and stimulate creativity, wisdom and inner vision.' Myga's Growth Bead Necklace is to aid you in growing as a person, by stimulating your creativity, wisdom and inner vision it is a great help through change, growing your strength and perseverance by protecting and balancing your natural aura.  The necklace is made up of two stones Labradorite and...

      Balance Bead Necklace

      'Aid the balance of both positive and negative energies while manifesting feelings of compassion.'Our Balance Bead necklace is to remind you to balance all the important things in your life, allowing any negativities that consume your life to be disposed off. The necklace is made with natural crystals, carefully carved to make the perfect sphere showing the unique beauty held in...

      Transform Bead Bracelet

      'Ease through any transition in life with calmness and positivity.' Our Transform bead bracelet has been made to bring you closer to earth and natural touch with the natural brown stone beading. The bracelet is on a strong string, that is able to be tightened, or loosened so anyone wearing it will get a perfect, snug fit. The necklace consists of 1...

      Courage Bead Bracelet

      'Enhance your intuition and creativity by healing negative emotions.' Our Courage bracelet has been carefully put together, to help you on your journey of self-healing any negativity that may surround your life.  There are two types of natural materials used in the bracelet, green gemstones, and glass beads. The green gemstones used represent the colour of nature, renewal, growth, harmony and...

      Amethyst Chip Bracelet

      'Create balance to relieve stress and stabilise your emotions.' We have a beautiful collection of natural chip bracelets, all of which hold different healing properties depending on the crystal. Our amethyst bracelet is a great healer for relieving physical, emotional, and psychological pain or stresses. It can help to ease tension, headaches, and aids with balancing your physical, mental and...

      Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet

      Encourage unconditional love and purity in the hear by restoring trust and harmony.