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Looking for the perfect gift for friends, family or colleagues?  Get a Myga-Yoga Gift card and let them have fun choosing for themselves! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. For purchases online at myga.eco only.  

Growth Bead Necklace

'Enhance your intuition and stimulate creativity, wisdom and inner vision.' Myga's Growth Crystal Bead Necklace is to aid you in growing as a person, by stimulating your creativity, wisdom and inner vision it is a great help through change, growing your strength and perseverance by protecting and balancing your natural aura.  The necklace is made up of two crystals Labradorite and...

The 7 Chakras Bead Bracelets

'Harness the energy of the seven chakras to balance the body and mind.' Our 7 Bead Chakra Bead Bracelet has the power to feed on the energies around us, and shift it into positive vibrational frequency. It features 7 crystals representing the 7 chakras within our body; Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root, Crown and the Third Eye. If our...

Courage Bead Bracelet

'Enhance your intuition and creativity by healing negative emotions.' Our Courage bracelet has been carefully put together, to help you on your journey of self-healing any negativity that may surround your life.  There are two types of natural materials used in the bracelet, green gemstones, and glass beads. The green gemstones used represent the colour of nature, renewal, growth, harmony and...

Crystal Yogini Hair Clip

If you love yoga and sparkly things, our yoga themed hair accessory is the right choice for you. Yoginis communicate a sense of freedom, a sheer mastery in whatever they do. Love and passion for yoga, spiritual power and deep insight are the main characters of a Yogini. An effortless way to glam up your day, on and off the...

Nurturing Bead Bracelet

‘Connect to the earths warm energy to stay grounded and strong.’ Our small, delicate nurturing beaded bracelet has been carefully put together to help the mind reach calmness, and provide protection when wearing. It consists of purple imperial unique crystals, all of which are perfectly carved into spheres. The stones are known for their spiritual and healing properties, and can...

Awareness Bead Bracelet

'Calm your mind from the chaos of day to day life and stimulate a sense of awareness to balance life.' Myga Jewellery Range presents our eye catching Awareness Yoga Bead Bracelet, made from natural wood, and natural stone. The wood and stone Bead Bracelet gravitate you closer to earth and natural touch. Our yoga jewellery range are all presented in a cotton draw string...

Namaste Pearl Hair Clip

The Namaste hair accessory has been specially picked by Myga with the spiritual soul in mind. With its embellished tiny pearls, this eye-catching piece of jewellery is a favourite amongst our Yoga beauties. The meaning of ‘Namaste’ is a mantra of peace and equality to live by on and off the mat. This hair accessory is perfect for everyday wear...

Focus Bead Bracelet

'Accomplish goals through choosing logical paths and make positive changes in your life'.  Our Chakra Bead Bracelet has been created just for our customers, after our best selling Chakra Stones. This bracelet has the power to feed on the energies around us, and shift it into positive vibrational frequency. It features 8 crystals, Tiger eye, and the 7 chakra's. Tiger eye is the bead...