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Courage Bead Necklace

Courage Bead Necklace

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• Used in meditation & prayer.
• Crystal beads.
• Knots tied in between.
• Thoughtful gift.
• Handmade.
• Crystal energy healing.


Beads: Aquamarine and Clear Quartz
Pendant: Clear Quartz

Care Instructions

Clean it occasionally with warm water and soap. Gently brush the beads with a super soft brush to remove any build-up. Place them on a towel to air dry.


Length: 40cm
Bead Diameter: 8mm
Bead QTY: 84pcs
Pendant: 4cm

Courage Mala Bead Necklace

Enhance your inner strength and resilience with our Courage Bead Mala. Face challenges fearlessly and let sharp intuition guide you. Elevate everyday wear with this meaningful accessory and gain wisdom and balance while overcoming stressful situations.  


Represents happiness, hope and everlasting youth. A stone that protects those at sea.

Clear Quartz

Considered to be a master healer, clear quartz encourages communication and boosts your confidence.

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