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USB Aroma Diffuser with LED

USB Aroma Diffuser with LED

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- Use with Essential oils
- Whitewood effect
- USB powered
- Beautiful home decor
- Natural aromatherapy humidifier
- Great prop for meditation and yoga
- Automatic shutdown protection
- 7 LED colour change
- Noiseless
- Eco-friendly packaging


Plug type: USB
Power Supply: DC5V
Power: 2W
Material: ABS
Colour: White Wood

Care Instructions

Keep water level below fill level and replace the water after each use.

The cotton swab in the aroma diffuser serves as a medium for dispersing essential oils into the air. Proper handling of the cotton swab is essential for the effective and safe operation of the diffuser:

Preparation: Before using the aroma diffuser, ensure that the cotton swab is fully soaked with water. This helps facilitate the diffusion of essential oils and prevents the swab from drying out during operation.

Essential Oils: When adding essential oils to the diffuser, be mindful of the quality and purity of the oils. Poor-quality oils or those with impurities can clog the cotton swab and affect the diffuser's performance.

Replacement: Over time, the cotton swab may accumulate residue from essential oils, dust, or other impurities. It's important to regularly inspect the swab and replace it when it becomes dirty or clogged. This ensures optimal performance and prevents damage to the diffuser.

Cleaning: Periodically clean the cotton swab and the internal components of the diffuser to remove any buildup of oils or residue. Use a mild detergent and warm water to gently clean the swab and allow it to air dry before reassembling the diffuser.


Width: 9cm
Height: 15cm
Water Capacity: 130ml
Weight: 123g

The portable USB wireless device with colour changing LED light doubles as both a humidifier and an oil diffuser. Very easy to clean, used during yoga and meditation or simply to add a cosy atmosphere into your home.

Add a few drops of essential oil in the water tank to release the scent with the water vapour and choose your favourite light backdrop to immerse yourself in the perfect ambience. 

The automatic shutdown ensures exceptional safety when the water runs out. 

Compatible with any device with USB port with approx. 6hours burn time.

Note: When using it for the first time, please put the Cotton Swab in plenty of water and wait for 10 seconds until it is completely soaked.

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