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Backflow Incense Burner - Buddha

£30.99 GBP
Product Story

The hand in the Bhutadamara mudra as a representation of protection from evil spirits and negative energy makes it a great decor for the home or yoga studio. Underneath the gesture, also called mudra, you find a miniature version of Siddharta Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, who later became known as “the Buddha”, which means “The awakened one”. He sits quietly in a meditative position on a lotus flower.

Buddha was a prince, his family was very wealthy and protected him from the outside world. One day he left the palace to find out how other people live and what he saw shocked him. Sick, poor, and dead people. It affected him deeply and made him realise that suffering was part of life and so he began his spiritual journey as a wandering ascetic, which eventually led to his enlightenment.

Can be used during meditation and aid-sleeping
Maintain a pleasant body and mind
Package includes 1x backflow burner only – incense sticks and cones sold separately

Use & Care

Place your backflow burner in a flat, draft-free place. Light the top of the backflow cone or incense stick and place it on the incense burner. Wait a few minutes and allow the delicate smoke to slowly cascade down creating a smoky flow. Let the backflow cone burn fully.

Cleaning Your Burner

You may find that your incense burner may have a build-up of residue and stains which will need to be removed through cleaning.

Run warm or hot water through the incense burner, in a sink of bowl and submerge the incense burner in the water. Wipe down any areas that have excess residue with a sponge and then remove from the water. Let the incense burner air dry.


Always burn incense indoors, away from any sudden movements and flammable items.
Incense cone or stick sold separately