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Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls - Solar Plexus

£39.99 GBP
Product Story

The small Myga brass singing bowl brings you to the here and now and is the perfect tool to invite peace and calmness into your body.

Please note, that due to their handcrafted nature of the singing bowls as well as their box, there may be some minor imperfections that just add to the character of the product. 

Singing bowls, also known as Himalayan bowls or Tibetan singing bowls are used all around the world in various holistic practices such as yoga and meditation, as well as in religious and spiritual ceremonies and spiritual healings. Through sound and vibration our body cells can be brought into harmony and our self-healing powers activated.

The Myga chakra singing bowls are ideal for chakra meditations, chakra healing and chakra work.

Choose the Solar plexus chakra singing bowl if you:
Want to set personal boundaries
Want to build self esteem, independent strength and willpower
Desire change in your life
Have the feeling that anxiety plays a big part in your life

Please note that the sound of the bowls are not assigned to the chakra frequencies.

Each of the 7 chakras has its own bowl with a matching chakra symbol and the respective chakra colour.

Choose between 7 different chakra singing bowls
Root Chakra: Red - Topics: Basic Trust / Self-confidence / Grounding / Stability
Sacral Chakra: Orange - Topics: Sexuality / Well-being / Creativity
Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow - Topics: Serenity / Willpower / Self-Image
Heart Chakra: Green - Topics: Love / Compassion
Throat Chakra: Light Blue - Topics: Communication / Intuition / Self-expression
Third Eye Chakra: Dark Blue - Topics: Knowingness / Fantasy / Alert Mind
Crown Chakra: Purple - Topics: Divine Wisdom / Bliss / Abundance

The set comes in a pretty gift box made of natural paper and includes:
1 singing bowl
1 mallet
1 sewn cushion


Plastic free packaging
Support for crystal cleansing
Handcrafted in India
For energy healers, spiritually practitioners, teachers
Used to lower anxiety, reduce stress and enhance wellbeing
Beautiful decor
Helps to release tension in your body
Great aid for meditation and yoga
Wonderful sound
Mindful gift


Box: 16cm x 13cm x 10cm
Bowl: Diameter 11cm
Wooden striker: 18cm

Mallet: Mango wood with synthetic leather
Bowl: Brass & Bronze
Pillow: Vegan satin fabric Banarasi Jacquard
Gift box: Paper

User Instructions

Place the bowl in the palm of your hand or place it on the pillow.
Option 1: Lightly strike the bowl with the padded side of the mallet on the bowl’s mid-exterior wall to create a pleasant, rich tone. Repeat.
Option 2: Lightly strike the bowl and before the tone dissipates, circle the mallet on the edge in a clockwise motion at least 5 times. Keep the mallet vertical.
Patience is the key. Enjoy it!

Care Instructions

Mix around 150-200ml of vinegar with 4-5 tablespoons of salt dissolved in it. Spread this mixture inside and out over the entire surface of the bowl and then let is work for about 3-5 minutes. This creates a galvanic process.

After that, clean the bowl well with water so that there are no more salt or acid residues on it. Dry the bowl with a soft cloth. You can also clean the singing bowl with a generic brass cleaning milk.