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Essence Bead Necklace

£49.99 £29.99 GBP

‘Encompass the essence of ultimate reality and unify everything in the universe’

Our essence bead necklace is to guide you to embrace your outer surroundings by awakening your inner self, helping you reach for your goals and dreams. The natural crystal of Rhodonite helps you along the way of becoming the best you, by flushing away your emotional wounds, and nurturing love only. 

The necklace is made with natural crystals, carefully carved to make the perfect sphere showing the unique beauty held in each one. There are two crystals on our essence necklace, Rhodonite and Blue Apatite. Rhodonite is known for balancing emotions, to help clear away emotional wounds, nurturing love and aiding in achieving your highest potential. Blue apataite is a stone that awakens your inner self, keeping your mind open to expand all knowledge.

The pendant which hangs at the end of the necklace is in the shape of a lotus flower, representing purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. It is coloured in a shimmering gold, matching the small gold beads which are spread between the crystals.

Our jewellery range are all presented in a cotton draw string bag, which is then displayed in a beautiful pinewood carved box. Inside the box is also a small information booklet, which allows the recipient to see what stones they have received, and the meaning behind their beaded necklace. 

Whatever your mantra this mala is your perfect companion.

Length: 46cm approx, consisting of 108 beads. 

Pendant: 1.5cm approx

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