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Extra Large Pink Alignment Yoga Mat

Extra Large Pink Alignment Yoga Mat

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- No need to reposition on the mat due to its large size
- Strong grip on both wet and dry surfaces
- Instantly ready to use
- Easy to roll up and store away
- Easy wipe down surface
- Laser Etched Body Alignment Line - allows you to self-adjust your posture easily

How Does It Work?
The middle alignment line on a Yoga mat helps you to centre and balance your body whilst establishing the necessary symmetry to align the various parts of your body.

The drop shaped design adorns the centre of the mat, bisected by a horizontal line with the Myga logo at the heart of the mat. The additional two horizontal hand and foot guides allow for variation in the height of the user.

Two 45 degree lines beneath the bottom of the drop act as foot guides for standing poses.


Top: PU
Base: Rubber
Colour: Pink

Care Instructions

To clean your mat, use a tiny drop of mild dishwashing liquid with plenty of water and wipe the surface of your mat with a soft cloth.

Lay the mat flat or hang it over a shower rod to dry fully in a cool, shaded area (not direct sunlight) before rolling it back up.

How often should I clean my mat?
If you regularly practice in sweaty conditions, you may want to clean your mat more often, otherwise, we recommend cleaning your mat every 4-8 uses. Please note that over-cleaning or using harsh cleaning products will wear out the mat faster. We do not recommend using any chemical mat cleaner or essential oil sprays, as they can potentially damage the mat.

Myga Tip
- Avoid exposing your mat over a long period of time to direct sunlight
- Only roll your mat with the top side (alignment design) on the outside.
- Due to the absorbent material of the mat (which gives you that great grip), your skin’s natural oil may stain or mark the surface over a certain period of time (depending how often you practice). Therefore, we recommend not to use any creams or oils on your hands and feet before you practice as these may cause stains. Don’t worry if you see those sorts of marks, they will often fade gradually with time. Instead smile at them and be proud of your ‘fingerprints’.


Width: 70cm
Length: 205cm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight: 4.1kg

A star in the yoga mat world. The Myga Alignment Mat is one of the highest-quality exercise mats on the market. Combining superior grip and a firm-yet-supportive layer of added cushioning as well as lines for alignment, this mat is suited for people looking to evolve their practice and offers as much to an advanced student as a beginner.

Our Alignment Mat is perfect for taller Yogis and for anyone who appreciates a little more space on and off the mat due to its generous size.

Featuring the design of a natural shape of the lotus flower as a reminder to keep balanced and stable during your yoga practice.
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  • Extra Large Size Perfect For Taller Yogis

  • Laser Etched Body Alignment Line

  • Firm Supportive Cushioning Layer

  • Strong Grip On Wet & Dry Surfaces