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Incense Tower - Stained Wood Square

Incense Tower - Stained Wood Square

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- 1 incense cone display
- 3 incense stick slots
- Handcrafted in India
- Catches the ash
- Beautiful home decor
- Used in Meditation and Yoga
- Zero plastic
- Eco-friendly packaging


Mango Wood
Metal Brass Fixings

Care Instructions

After lighting the incense sticks or cone, simply place the top of the tower over the base and enjoy the ‘dance’ as the fragrances will slowly begin to leave the tower and fill the room with peace.


Base Width: 8cm
Height: 30cm
Cone Slot: 2cm
Weight: 200g

This incense burner in a shape of a squared tower is hand carved in India. The carved flower on top provides nine delicate cut-outs and each of the 4 sides are carved into a beautiful design. It allows for the smoke to rise through. The eye-catching wooden incense holder can burn four incense sticks at a time as well as one incense cone. 

Very easy to clean. Use it in your meditation, yoga practice, any ceremony or as a beautiful decor in your home.

Incense sticks and cones are not included but can be purchased separately here
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