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Yoga Blocks & Strap Set - Pink

Yoga Blocks & Strap Set - Pink

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MYGA 2 YOGA BLOCKS & YOGA STRAP: Increase flexibility and deepen your poses with Mygas Foam Yoga Bricks & Adjustable Strap set, specially designed to deepen your stretches, improve your flexibility, and connect your yoga practice.

NON-SLIP YOGA BLOCKS: Our yoga bricks provide non-slip stability, enabling you to extend your reach and improve your balance with ease and support. Made from high density EVA foam, our yoga blocks are lightweight, moisture-proof and odour resistant.

2-IN-1 YOGA STRAP WITH METAL D RING: The Myga 2 in 1 Yoga Strap Belt offers support and alignment, and helps you deepen your pose. The adjustable yoga belt will increase your flexibility and also transforms into a carry strap for your yoga mat!


BLOCK: Sturdy Foam
STRAP: Polyester

Care Instructions

Gently wipe the mat down with a clean wet cloth. To keep the shape of your mat avoid squeezing it. Find a place to air dry the yoga mat, out of the sun.
This yoga mat is intended for yoga, pilates and stretching without shoes. We do not recommend this yoga mat for intense cardio workouts with shoes. For intense cardio workouts with shoes we recommend our Alchemist Yoga mat.

Use a rag or towel and wipe block with gentle soap or mild laundry detergent diluted in water. Rinse the water and wipe completely dry with a towel or cloth.

Hand wash and hang to dry.


Mat Size: 61 x 173CM
Mat Thickness: 4mm
Mat Weight: 1kg

Block Size: 23 x 14.5 x 7.7cm
Block Weight: 125g

Strap Size: 180 x 3cm
Strap Thickness: 2.5mm
Weight: 170g

Go deeper into your poses and improve your flexibility with the Myga 2 Yoga Blocks and 2in1 Strap Set. 

This specially designed set includes two non-slip blocks made from high density EVA foam to extend your reach, explore new pose and improve your balance. Super light-weight, this block makes an ideal travel partner and is easy to carry to and from yoga class.

The adjustable strap is equipped with a metal D-ring which allows a transformation into a carry-strap for your yoga mat. Get the confidence and support you need to deepen your yoga poses!
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