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Zafu Meditation Cushion - Black

Zafu Meditation Cushion - Black

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- Filled with buckwheat shells which allows them to conform perfectly to the shape of your body.
- Buckwheat hulls move and shift, but do not compress under pressure and lose volume.


Cover: Cotton
Filling: Buckwheat Shells
Colour: Black

Care Instructions

Both outer and inner cover can be hand washed. In order to wash the inner cover which holds the buckwheat, you first have to pour them into a larger container. Cold hand wash and air dry only.


Diameter: 34cm
Height: 12cm

The Myga Mediation cushions are filled with buckwheat shells, to create a comfortable seat for meditating or Pranayama.

The shape of the cushion encourages excellent posture, helps to keep your spine aligned so energy can flow easily through your body. The cushion features a grab and go handle on the side for easy portability.

The cushion is also firm enough to double as a yoga block for some postures. The cotton cover is fully removable via zipper and the buckwheat hulls are sealed in a separate pouch.
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  • Perfectly Conforms To Your Body Shape

  • Encourages Excellent Posture

  • Fully Removable Cotton Covers

  • Firm Enough To Double As A Yoga Block